Supporting your local indies has never been more essential. Our beloved home brands have been struggling to keep their businesses alive due to the pandemic. If you want to show them your support, we compiled a list of 17 independent fashion brands that will love having your support during these times.

Ksana is a sustainable brand that creates well-designed, neon coloured watches. Timeless yet fun. Outside the realms of “normal”. Bold design will always remain at the heart of Ksana. The name Ksana is derived from the Buddhist perception of time. Buddhist belief tells how a ksana is an…

According to a study, 50% of people who searched for a store or business visited them within 24 hours and 60% of searchers said they make use of the information they find on local ads or the business’s webpage. Business owners can even use the geotargeting features offered by online advertising platforms to ensure that local customers can find your business. So, in a world going global, we go local!

And we uncover 10 reasons why you should too:

Our economies have become largely dominated by a handful of big companies. This leaves small businesses with limited budget to…

High streets are the beating heart of our cities. The beautiful shops and colorful decorations are making our concrete towns more vibrant and inspiring. But with the pandemic, our locals have been struggling. Their problems such as decreasing footfall, rising operations costs and low profitability are not new. And Musa is here to change this.

Musa is a platform for local independent fashion brands and boutiques. They want to help independent fashion businesses keep doing what they do best: the offline experience. …

On the picture: Tokkou Japanese Denim Shirt, £254.00

Chiikimittyaku LLC (t/aTOKKOU) is a contemporary Japanese fashion house brand based in London with traditional Japanese roots at its core. TOKKOU’s cutting edge designs take inspiration from Japanese youth subculture Bousou-zoku. Run by juvenile delinquents in the early 1970s, over 800 teams drove customized motorcycles in biker gangs displaying anarchy against Japanese mainstream society.

Using this authentic, traditionally hand-made fabric, ZENWΛ is bringing back the valuable Indonesian culture and making it accessible for us. Making this fabric is a sacred process of 13 steps. This process ensures that the fabric is at its highest quality.

These machines are considered to be antiques, yet are important for the Indonesian culture and for the authentic fabric making. We ensure the traditional values and art forms are kept alive.

The process to handwoven fashion

The clothing line embodies the zeal of pursuing undiscovered paths and finding beauty in everything around you. ZENWΛ is not a destination, but a journey alive with…

Have you heard that changing careers is the new normal? Many people argue that the era of specialisation is over. Having a broad range of experiences that create a unique skill set is considered valuable in a world that changes at the speed of light.

Just because you are working within a certain department does not mean that this would be your end goal. Either acting as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you are passionate about.

Not sleepwear, smilewear.

This is the case with Tatiana Anufrieva, Marketing Manager and founder of the sustainable brand…

Empowering women through mystic jewellery: Discover here

Women empowerment is not a new term, yet we still hear it to this day, signifying that it’s still an ongoing issue. Those that believe this fight ended with suffragettes are wrong. Still to this day women are told who they are, and how they can act given the constraints of their gender. This is half the half the world’s population who consistently face discrimination, isolation and unjust treatment more than the other half.

Empowering women means bringing women into the decision-making process and giving them control back to their lives. The benefits of this will become evident to all…

Musa is Your Fashion Discovery Platform. Start your search here

Nowadays, the number of shopping malls is increased across the globe and acts like an enemy to small-family businesses. Even if small businesses are struggling, there are still more than 125 million small and midsize businesses worldwide.

These small businesses operate in vastly different ways to the big brand names you see advertised. Small businesses mainly rely on foot traffic and local customers for survival. These businesses have low sales, few employees and normally only one physical location. Such businesses are normally solely run, with the owner dealing with all the operations internal external to the store. …

Keep your autumn wardrobe stylish, yet minimal with pastel colours and soft fabrics. Musa has done the curation for you! Browse through our fashion finds and discover the autumn pastel trend! We have prepared 3 trendy autumn looks to complement your existing wardrobe!

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Seasons are meant to change and our needs have to adapt as per nature. That’s what makes human life so exciting, but our needs should not play with the natural ecosystem around us. For those cold months, Wool is the best material, period! It is warm, natural, long-lasting, odorless, biodegradable, recyclable, fast-drying, and the list is endless.

Fashion Musa

Musa is the home to 100+ independent brands, boutiques and designers from 30 countries. We nurture unique fashion that cannot be found in the local mall.

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